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Obesity is Dangerous

The other day I was walking around Sai Kung and I saw many more overweight and obese people than normal. One unfortunately had the worst psoriasis I had ever seen.

This blog isn’t about fat or health shaming, far from it, however I certainly don’t subscribe to the woke mentality of being proud of your body whatever size or condition it is. We should all be proud of our bodies as they are wonderful things, but not being proud of being overweight for its own sake. Let’s be honest, being overweight carries many healthy dangers. You are more likely to have comorbidities if you are overweight than if you have a lower fat percentage.

And let's be honest, being overweight just doesn't feel good. Try adding just a 5kg weight vest to your daily walk and you'll get my drift.

Why are these people overweight? Is it a lack of exercise? Maybe but possibly not.

Is it because they eat too much or too much of the wrong thing? Maybe but possibly not.

Is it because they have underlying health conditions? I would hazard a guess that almost everyone who is obese or overweight has a sub optimal health condition.

Is it because they struggle with negative emotions or have experienced past trauma? This again is likely.

Can you see now why just counting calories in and out and exercising more doesn’t always get people the weight loss results they want or need.

Losing weight often requires a many- pronged approach, taking into account the whole physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. With the correct approach and the individual’s willingness and discipline to change and improve habits, weight loss is possible and likely, most importantly keeping the weight off and improving health and longevity along the way.


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