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Our goal is real lifelong health for everybody.

Dragon Fitness, Coaching & Healing is a naturopathic

resource for everything health and fitness.


In modern society, we are so caught up with how we look, running around getting 'stuff done' that we rarely actively look after our health. This may mean that we will exercise and eat to lose weight, but not for nutrition, and disregard our health in the short or long term. We often get used to just FLC (feeling like crap!)


Our role is to ask questions of you and piece together a total programme that will make you feel fitter, healthier and often slimmer. Long term health is our goal, whilst ensuring our clients feel better and look better along the way. Clients that take part in our programmes often remark that they didn't know how bad they were feeling until they started feeling good!

Whether you are looking to physically train to improve fitness and strength, or learn how to eat and live correctly, or learn about naturopathic tools, protocols and products to improve health, we will help you achieve things you didn't know were possible.


We pride ourselves on also helping people improve mental and emotional health and confidence, which has positive effects on every aspect of their life.


Dragon's approach is holistic  and naturopathic; looking at the whole person; the physical; mental, emotional and spiritual. Our goal is real lifelong health for everybody.

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