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Online coaching with a health & nutrition expert

Everyone's used to working and communicating over video calls these days and a key advantage is that we can coach you in any corner of the globe.  

  • We start with a comprehensive health questionnaire and food diary.

  • We spend 2 hrs on a real time conference call talking about you; your lifestyle, your food, your physical, mental and emotional health.

  • We create a plan with 3-4 agreed goals for the next month.

  • I follow up via email with notes and associated tools.

My approach is holistic in the true sense of the word; looking at YOU - the whole person; the physical; mental and emotional.  My goal is real lifelong health for you.

Naturopathic health coaching can help if:


  • you’d like to lose weight

  • you’d like to get more active

  • you feel a little ‘off’

  • you have gut or tummy troubles

  • your hormones are playing up

  • you’re frequently sick

  • you have frequent pain

  • you are stressed

  • you’re menopausal

  • you have a chronic health condition

You will need:


  • a phone or computer with a camera

  • to be able to use Facetime or Skype

  • reliable internet connection

  • a quiet place where you will not be disturbed 

  • you may like to take notes although I will also send you full notes 

Importantly, you will need commitment, but we can help you reach your goals!


JO -


"I do owe Ally a debt of gratitude for holding my hand through it all for the past year. Best investment ever!....."

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