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Available for an individual or in a group


What Is HNF?

A life -changing twelve week foundational ‘course’ incorporating the fundamentals of health, nutrition, and fitness. It’s designed to give you more energy and enable you to become healthier and happier, addressing physical, mental and emotional health.

Who is This Course For?

This course could help you if  you experience one or more of these issues:

  • you have low energy or fatigue, or just plain tired most of the time

  • you have aches and pains

  • you are carrying excess weight

  • you have a chronic health condition(s)

  • you don’t sleep well

  • you have digestive issues

  • you have skin concerns

  • you are experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms

  • you have hormonal issues and/ or menstrual issues

  • you have diabetes type 2 or are pre-diabetic

  • you have high blood pressure

  • you feel weak and unfit

  • you have mobility issues

  • you feel anxious or stressed

  • you feel sad, teary or depressed some (or all) of the time

  • you suffer from self confidence issues

  • you emotionally eat

Or perhaps, you’d just like to be in the best possible physical shape, to have energy, to be happy and know that you have lots of tools available to keep you in lifelong health?


What Does The Course Look like?

If this sounds like you, and you are keen to make changes, over the twelve weeks we:

  1. Coach 24 x 1 hr personal training sessions, focusing on strength training.

  2. Hold 3 x coaching sessions (4 hrs in total), with notes, tools and tips provided as required. These sessions focus on nutrition education and coaching, iridology and lifestyle medicine. A plan (based upon your goals) and recommendations are provided, incorporating optimal nourishment coaching, lifestyle management for optimal health, herbal medicine recommendations and other naturopathic interventions.

  3. Ongoing nutrition coaching via app.

  4. Provision of at home/ gym workout or exercise plan as required.

  5. One consistent coach across all disciplines who is  your own professional cheerleader and coach to set you up for success and help you achieve your goals.

  6. All sessions conducted in the gorgeous “Glass House’ in Sai Kung. A real retreat from your everyday life.

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 12.29.24.png

What You Can Expect After Twelve Weeks

  • You will feel better, happier and healthier

  • You will be leaner and stronger, more mobile and more stable

  • You will sleep better

  • You will gain new skills and confidence

  • Health conditions will disappear or reduce in severity

  • You will gain knowledge regarding the best food to nourish you and how to eat for  health for the rest of your life

  • You know what to fill your ‘naturopathic toolbox’ with, learning how to keep yourself healthier for life


Total Investment in Your Health and Fitness:

One off payment in advance: HK$27,000

Paid monthly x 3 instalments HK$9,995

Ally van de Pol_edited.jpg

Your Coach, Ally van de Pol is:


  • NASM -CPT Personal Trainer

  • PPSC- Level 2- Pain Free Performance Specialist

  • AAHF Senior Fitness Specialist

  • SNM- Certified Healing Diets Coach

  • SNM- Certified Iridology Consultant

  • AAHF- Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • First Aid and CPR Certified

  • Herbalist (in training – graduating 2024)

  • Naturopath (in training- graduating 2024)


"I feel that Ally has encouraged, supported and educated me about a sustainable approach to my holistic health."


"When I first began seeing Ally, I had recently given birth to my third child. I was in a rut, and wasn't taking care of myself physically, or mentally."

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