• PPSC

  • Certified Healing Diets Coach

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • Senior Exercise Specialist

  • First-aid and CPR Certified

  • Naturopath-in-Training

Ally is passionate about helping people lead better, healthier lives.


She began her sporting career as a child, spending her teens competing on the track and then getting back to running longer distances in her early thirties.


When she arrived in HK in 2005, she continued running, mixing it up with competitive netball, dragon boating, white collar boxing and Crossfit. For the first eight years of her time in Hong Kong  she was certainly overtraining; compensating for the HK lifestyle of eating and drinking too much with too frequent workouts, not enough rest and sprinkled with a touch of emotional eating to boot. She wondered why her weight yo-yo'd and didn't reflect the amount of exercise she was doing, and the physio was her best friend.


She switched to a whole food plant based diet in 2017, initially to improve her health after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Now she advocates this lifestyle not only as a great way to manage weight, but to reduce the planet's ethical and environmental load. She is acutely aware of the chronic conditions that today's lifestyle and  food systems produce.

Her style of functional strength training is often the missing element in clients' exercise regime. As a Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC), she not only helps clients build muscle, strength and reduce body fat, but helps them to improve core, hip and shoulder stability and mobility, subsequently reducing pain and niggles,  evening out bio-mechanical imbalances, thus improving sporting performance or simply life performance! As a Nutritionist and Healing Diets Practitioner, she can help you look at your diet and lifestyle in a whole new way, to keep you lean, make you feel better, give you more energy, sleep better and ultimately help your body to heal.


She holds a NASM-CPT personal training qualification, is a Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist, is an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a SNM Certified Healing Diets Practitioner, a AAHF Health & Wellness Coach and an AAHF Senior Fitness Specialist, in addition to holding First Aid and CPR qualifications. She is a Naturopath-in-training and is due to graduate in 2022.