• Analysis of the iris

  • Non-invasive 

  • Shows physical, emotional and mental health conditions of the entire body

  • Provides recommendations to improve health



Iridology is the practice, study and art of analysing the iris. Each eye is connected to our brain via our network of nerves, and our brains are also linked to each tissue, organ and system in the body. The health of each is reflected reflexively in the iris structure, like reflexology for the feet.


It cannot diagnose diseases per se, but it can show tissue weaknesses and strengths which can then indicate diseases for further investigation or to ensure lifelong health. It is especially useful to discover the root cause of a particular condition and can show how well bodily systems are working together. It can also show differences in the function in lobes or sides of the body ie with the thyroid, lungs, kidney etc, whereas regular blood tests cannot.


Iridology also gives insights as to how to improve health naturally and naturopathically. 


Iridology Only Sessions


During this 30 min consult, we take photos for further analysis. A remote consultation is possible if a clear photo of the iris is provided. The subsequent written report includes naturopathic treatment suggestions including herbal formulae. This short consultation can be useful for individuals who are seeking clarification into a specific condition and its root cause and alternative ways to help the body heal.





Iridology During an Optimal Naturopathic Health and Nutrition Consultation


Iridology is used in every Optimal Naturopathic Health and Nutrition Consultation as an aid to understanding each individual‘s health.


HK$600 adds a full analysis to the Consultation report  - total $2450



"I am delighted to be sleeping well after years of insomnia, am enjoying cooking even more than ever, have lost more weight than I thought I had it in me....."


"I had never heard of iridology, and was very curious to see how she could see what my body needed through her observations."