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In the "Glass House", a private equipped studio in Sai Kung

Humans generally are just not strong anymore. We spend too much time sitting and next to no time being physically active and this shows in our health. We train through the six fundamental human movement patterns; push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge and carry. This is important for everyday life, for sports, to get you out of pain or to prevent injuries, and to build strength and muscle. It's also perfect for any levels of fitness; perfect if you have not exercised or strength trained regularly, have recently given birth, have injuries or are working on specific performance or sporting goals., but equally it's good for people that are no stranger to a gym or working up a sweat in other sports. You can always be stronger! And being stronger brings many benefits.


Each programme and session is tailored for you, ensuring great form before progressing. We include mobility, bodyweight and strength training, ensuring key muscle activation, tension and control, striving to make your body bulletproof.

For optimal results, it's highly advisable to tag naturopathic health and nutrition coaching onto your personal training if you'd like to improve your body composition and overall health, and who doesn't?  

All 1:1 personal training packages include a free initial consultation

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"Ally soon became a mentor for my general health and wellbeing and was my go-to-person at the start of my nutritional journey."


"I stumbled on Ally’s website and decided I needed a proper support programme in place, and I’m so glad I got in contact"

Stretching Fitness

MEL - 

"What sets Ally apart from other trainers is her ability to motivate and inspire.."

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