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Healthy Meal


After 2 years of pandemic comfort eating and drinking, I had definitely outgrown my wardrobe, and not in a good way! I felt pretty low generally, tired and lacking concentration. After many half-hearted attempts to get back to feeling better and healthier, I stumbled on Ally’s website and decided I needed a proper support programme in place, and I’m so glad I got in contact. 

I did the 12 week Heath and Fitness programme, which is a combination of personal training and nutritional and health support. Ally tailors the session sand knows when to push you and when to hold back, she switched it up regularly to keep it interesting (be warned moves that look super easy will have you feeling the burn!!), and I’ve now learned what my body is capable of, I did my first ever pull up!! Nutritionally it was great to get back to eating healthily and wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, she helps you make better choices. 

After the 12 week course I have so much more energy, and I’m feeling positive and less stressed. I’m able to fit back into all of my old clothes, and even set a new weight goal. If you need a kick start I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Ally, she’s become my personal cheerleader and coach

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