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Healthy Meal


“I originally started seeing Ally for regular fitness training classes. However, Ally soon became a mentor for my general health and wellbeing and was my go-to-person at the start of my nutritional journey. She taught me how important the digestive system is and really helped me manage my own health condition. I had suffered from diverticulitis for many years and thanks to Ally’s valuable advice was able to keep my condition under control by sensible eating plans and making appropriate changes to my lifestyle. I soon learned to think seriously about what I was putting into my body and the benefits of certain foods. I started to eat a much wider and more colourful combination of fruit and vegetables and began to experience immediate benefits.

Ally is very knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness. I used to be afraid of the gym- I thought I had left it too late in life to be able to lift weights and get stronger. Ally was very motivational- friendly but firm when I needed to be pushed.

I was very excited when Ally completed her iridology diploma and was a willing test subject. She was able to identify a problem with my lymphatic system which was very sluggish at a time when I was under a lot of stress and not taking proper care of myself. Thanks to this observation, I was able to immediately take steps to address this problem eg. lymphatic drainage massages, meditation and renewed healthy eating, and in time began to feel much better.

I now live in the UK but I continue to train with another personal trainer and try to keep up the healthy habits that I learned with Ally."

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