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Acai Bowl

“When I first began seeing Ally, I had recently given birth to my third child. I was in a rut, and wasn't taking care of myself physically, or mentally. I had lost sight of my personal goals amidst the demands of motherhood. On top of all that, I was breastfeeding, and getting almost no sleep at night. I was burned out, and couldn't find my way back to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Talking with Ally, I really felt heard. For the first time in a long time, someone was asking me questions with the intent of listening and helping me. She helped me to form goals based on what I felt I needed in my life, and helped me navigate a way towards those goals while also juggling the things going on in my life. I was very interested in her study of iridology. I had never heard of iridology, and was very curious to see how she could see what my body needed through her observations. She said that I had a pure brown iris, and that people with this tend to have a slow-onset and gradual unbalancing of normal function. That I should be taking care of myself well now so as to avoid future serious health problems. Also, people with pure brown iris tend to have anxiety issues and gastro-intestinal disturbances, as well as being prone to diabetes. These all check out with my family medical history. My mother also has a lot of these issues in her older age. All the more reason for me to take care of myself now to prevent future health complications and anxiety.


We talked very honestly about my body, my eating habits, my digestion issues, food sensitivities, etc. Ally gave me recipes, suggested different vitamins and fiber, and even gave me a lesson on home water and herbal enemas. She had me log all of my food, sleep, so she could better help me make healthier choices. I created meal plans, and scheduled out my days to eliminate some stress. I also saw her twice a week for training. 

Through her help, I was able to make a significant change to my diet and exercise, but most of all I've learned how to find balance in my life and care for myself. I know that Ill have setbacks, but with the tools Ally armed me with, I can always get back on track."

Julia (April 2022)

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