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Chlorine Dioxide for Total Health

When I first started researching chlorine dioxide, I was rather confused as there are a number of different names it’s known as; Chlorine Dioxide, CD, CDS, MMS. I’ll explain the acronyms later, but first what exactly is chlorine dioxide and why is it so useful for our health?

Here is a link to its history in essence chlorine dioxide is a safe antimicrobial biocide and disinfectant recognised since 1814. It is made from sodium chlorite (the precursor) at 28% and an activator (hydrochloric acid at 4% or citric acid at 50%) and it can be safely used on humans and animals. Jim Humble ‘discovered’ its modern health usage while out trekking in the Amazon when some of his trekking party came down with Malaria. He had nothing to treat them with apart from the Sodium Chlorite tablets (brought with him to purify drinking water). He found that this simple remedy cured them. Following this discovery, he worked to improve the formula, to the protocols we see today.

So, is it Bleach?

Bleach is sodium hypochlorite and the precursor for chlorine dioxide is sodium chlorite, so it has one less oxygen molecule. When making or activating chlorine dioxide you will smell that familiar bleach or chlorine smell, however, as anyone that has ever studied chemistry knows, this small change in its chemical structure can make all the difference and thus chlorine dioxide is not only harmless but very helpful to the human body. Bleach will give off residual metabolites that are harmful to health. Chlorine Dioxide does not.

How does Chlorine Dioxide Improve Health?

It removes pathogens, low pH and damaged cells, electrical positively charged cells (it takes the positive charge and renders it harmless). It combines with our immune system and makes hypochlorous acid which destroys sub-par cells, pathogens and cancer cells. When we have disease we need hypochlorous acid. It is an oxidant with natural germicidal properties and is a natural disinfectant.

Interestingly, it removes biofilms. A biofilm is a mass of bacteria that attaches itself to a surface in the body, has gone ‘gooey’ and created a membrane around themselves and are frequently antibiotic resistant. Typically bacteria can break off from the main gooey mass and start their own biofilm elsewhere in the body . They are thought to be the precursor for many health conditions. Slimey mould on a rock is an example of how biofilms are found in nature.

You can learn more about biofilms here:

And chlorine dioxide’s treatment of biofilms:

It can heal many conditions, but there is no quick fix – the emotional and spiritual body can cause physical problems. Holistic medicine isn’t a quick fix, it takes time; it takes digging and work, soul searching, introspection, thinking.. It will improve your life but is not a magic pill and might make you feel not so great due to healing crises, if ramped up too quickly. It will help your body to removing stuff that hasn’t moved for many years which your body is storing (or harbouring under the stairs).

How Should Chlorine Dioxide be Used?

It’s advisable to take a holistic approach to your health. What does that mean? Clean up your diet and lifestyle first before adding supplements in. If you’re not sure what is optimal or what you ‘should be’ doing then consult with a holistic practitioner. It’s advisable to get these habits in place first before taking on more. It’s also important that your elimination system is working effectively. If there are any blockages in this area, then Herxheimer reactions or detox (healing) symptoms may be experienced. This is another reason why chlorine dioxide should be approached slowly. If you feel that you are having a Herxheimer reaction, you can take activated charcoal tablets which will help to bind the toxins to expel from the body.

There are many protocols that can be used, but to start, activate one drop and add to a glass of distilled or well -filtered water and drink throughout the day. Alternatively, activate one drop and add to a glass of water, drink ¼ of the glass in the evening and throw the rest away. Repeat for one week, then increase to half the glass for one week, then ¾ of the glass for one week, then the whole glass for one week. If any side effects occur; headaches, nausea, dizziness, then skip a day, allowing your body to detox some of the toxins that the chlorine dioxide is helping your body clear out and stay on that dosage for a little longer before consuming a stronger solution. The more toxic you are, the more drugs you are taking or the more conditions you have, will mean the slower you will need to ramp up.

You can then increase to one drop per day in half a glass of water, up to 3 drops 3 times per day to 3-5 drops every hour. Keep the momentum going and take probiotics.

Chlorine dioxide can be inhaled and used in nebulisers for people with chest/ lung infections or COPD.

It can be used in a spray bottle for teeth and for cuts on the skin or skin conditions. This works particularly well with DMSO, but do not that DMSO should not be combined with pharmaceutical drugs.

Can you take chlorine dioxide with pharma drugs or herbs?

Yes you can -just leave half an hour either side of taking drugs, herbs, botanicals and other supplements. Also do not eat within half an hour of taking (it can cancel out the antioxidant effect of some foods).

The Names Explained

So Chlorine Dioxide is often called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). Chlorine Dioxide is often abbreviated to CD, which is Sodium Chlorite activated with Hydrochloric or Citric Acid. Chlorine Dioxide Solution is CDS which is activated Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric acid in a water solution.

My Experience of Chlorine Dioxide

When I started experimenting with chlorine dioxide, I went a little gung ho and took 3 activated drops two evenings on the bounce and I woke up the next morning feeling pretty dizzy and I think I’m pretty healthy! So, I slowed it down and took one activated drop each evening for a few days, then added a drop until I got to three drops comfortably- now I’m doing Protocol C (101 Protocol) adding 10 ml of CDS to 1 litre of water and sipping throughout the day- this is for a general detox and to clean my body of toxins. I’m also doing Protocol E- the enema protocol which I thoroughly recommend. I’m also giving my 12 yr old German shepherd 3 x doses of 3 activated drops of Chlorine dioxide in a shot glass of water with 2 x drops of DMSO (to heighten the effect), see my DMSO blog below), administered (sometimes messily) with a syringe into his mouth. He’s in very good health, just getting old with wonky hips.

How to Make Chlorine Dioxide

There are many videos available which tell you ‘how to’. Here is how I do it. You can make the correct strength of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid yourself, but for newbies, I recommend buying the correct strength sodium chlorite (28%) plus 4% hydrochloric acid already done for you. I get mine from Aquarius Prolife currently.

Here’s how to make one activated drop of chlorine dioxide (CD):

Collect a shot glass, distilled or well filtered water and your bottles of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. Put one drop of Sodium Chlorite and one drop of hydrochloric acid into the shotglass and leave it to activate for about 45 seconds- it will turn an amber colour and you’ll smell chlorine. Add this activated drop to a half glass of water and drink.

Here’s How to make Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

Get a mason jar, a shot glass, your sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid and a plastic syringe. I also use another glass for measuring. Work out how much water your mason jar comfortably holds with the shotglass sat in the bottom (but not overflowing into the shotglass). If you

r mason jar holds 250ml, you’ll need 2.5 ml of activated chlorine dioxide- that’s 2.5 ml of sodium chlorite and 2.5ml of hydrochloric acid. If yours holds 500ml, you’d activated 5ml’s. Measure out the correct amount of sodium chlorite and add to the shotglass and then add the same amount of hydrochloric acid. Pop this shotglass into your mason jar of distilled or well-filtered water. Wrap cling film over the top and then shut the lid. Put it in a dark cupboard for 24-48 hrs. It will work quicker if it’s warmer and you should be left with a yellow-ish solution and a clear solution left in the shotglass. Decant the CDS into another bottle (ideally brown or blue) and keep in fridge or keep in mason jar. Use clear solution in shotglass for cleaning


This is a useful listing of protocols

Further research

Where to Buy

I stock Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO, if you live in Hong Kong. Otherwise I recommend

Ally van de Pol is a Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Healing Diets Coach, Iridologist, Herbalist and Naturopath in Training.

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