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Covid is Dead! Long Live Healing Symptoms!

Here in Hong Kong, I know that “Covid’ has not been dead for very long, indeed I think the metaphorical body is still warm. In some other countries, the “Ghost of Covid Past” still hangs heavy in many people’s memories.

But why?

Here are a few facts (that are not bandied around mainstream media):

-It’s a known fact that officially the ‘flu disappeared during ‘Covid’

-Most Covid symptoms were nothing more than cold or flu symptoms (freedom of information responses confirm this)

-SARS CoV-2 – the virus that was apparently responsible for Covid- has never been truly isolated

-PCR tests were fraudulent and searched for a ‘virus’ that existed in silico only (in a computer)

-RAT tests have shown tap water and Coca-Cola to be Covid positive in the past, so what on earth do they test for and how does the test work?

-Covid vaccines are not safe (many people have experienced a multitude of side effects after taking them; some serious (including death), some minor. Some people have never felt the same since. Many people have died suddenly.

-Covid vaccines are not effective; most vaccinated people have experienced Covid more often that unvaccinated people.

-Covid is 0.001% fatal for most people

But still we are worried about Covid, we test for it, people mask up for it, people are probably still getting jabbed for it.

I’m not going to discuss here the people that were genuinely sick at this time, because there could have had any number of ‘diseases’ or conditions brought on by any number of things, including the fear and trauma of being locked down and losing your business, and I’m not going to mention the nefarious drugs that were issued at this time because that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Here are a few truth bombs about this whole crazy shitshow we’ve been living since January 2020:

-There really is nothing to worry about

-Colds and flu are natural healing symptoms; the body is just trying to detoxify and get healthier. Your body is marvelous, why wouldn’t it know how to keep itself clean?

-There is no Covid ‘virus’ flying around ready to ‘get you’. As above, it has never been isolated, terrain theory says that microbes just are, they do not make you sick (they are the clearer uppers, the rubbish collectors if you will), it is the health of your body that determines whether you get sick or not.

-Drugs and vaccines make you sick

-Lack of sleep makes you sick

-Eating CRAP (processed, sugary, oil and additive filled) food makes you sick

-Stress makes you sick

-Not drinking enough clean water makes you sick

-Alcohol makes you sick

-Holding onto negative emotions and trauma make you sick

-EMFs make you sick

-All of the above together, definitely make you sick

Can we please start to disregard all the rubbish that the media and governments have been telling us over the last three years and start thinking for ourselves? After all whenever did any government have the people’s best interests at heart?

Let’s all start looking after ourselves, to minimise the toxicity of our bodies. Let’s all start to learn what we need to do every day to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Instead of looking to a piece of plastic to tell us whether we are sick or not. Because that’s just insanity and you know it.

Ally van de Pol Is a Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Healing Diets Coach and Certified Iridologist.

If you’d like to learn more about getting healthier naturally, you can download her free short e-book on the subject here.

Or you can buy her longer e-book (A Whole New You: Your Guide To Being All Round Healthier, Happier & Fitter (Plus Find Your Superpowers in the Process!) here:

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