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The Masks Don't Work

After nearly 1000 days of mask mandates in Hong Kong wherever we went, you would think that when the mandate was revoked everyone would be flinging them off in glee and burning them on the street.

But no, the majority of people are still wearing them. I’m shocked and surprised to be honest in one way, but given the propaganda and brainwashing that’s been happening over the last three years, equally I’m not surprised at all.

So let’s discuss why people are so attached to their masks. In a word. Fear.

We have been told that the ‘virus is going to get us’ and if we do get Covid we might die. Nothing could be further than the truth on both counts.

The virus is not going to get us. Viruses do not fly around making people sick, which may surprise and shock some people. SARS Cov2 has never been isolated and so there is no proof that it is Sars Cov 2 that has been making people sick. On the whole people have been suffering from cold and flu symptoms which have always been around and are purely and simply detox symptoms.

Most importantly there is no scientific evidence that states that masks stop people getting sick. None. Nada. Even in a clinical setting.

Masks were originally used by doctors and nurses to stop body fluid transmission, mainly during surgery, not to prevent transfer of microbes.

Have there been people suffering from worse than cold and flu symptoms? Sure, but there have always been people suffering from pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

My first question is what were these patients given just prior to getting sick or in the couple of years prior? Covid vaccines? Flu vaccines? Other pharmaceutical drugs? Were their bodies subject to 5G radiation, EMF, extreme stress or fear, or other chemicals? What were their underlying health conditions? All of these factors have proven to have side effects, to make people sick and encourage detox symptoms in order that the body can clean itself. This is far more plausible than something invisible flying around in the air that has never been proven to exist in any shape or form causing people to get sick.

On top of all of that, we are told that a mask will keep this ‘microscopic’ germ away from us. If the virus really did exist then it would not be stopped by the relatively large weave material of a mask. So we are looking at a lie on top of a lie.

Let’s also look at the detrimental effects of wearing masks; hypoxia, inability to hear what people are saying, in ability to see people’s emotions on their face to truly understand what they are saying, as well as skin conditions ‘maskne’.

Many people seem to be addicted to their masks- they like to hide behind something- this brings about other psychological and emotional questions. What effects have the masks had on our children? How will this play out in the next few years or in the rest of their lives? What have we done to ourselves and our children in the last three years?

I shudder to think… in the meantime, the best thing we can all do is throw out masks off and stamp on them, burn them, but please don't wear them. Hopefully we will never need them to be used again!

Ally van de Pol is a Naturopathic Practitioner and can be reached at

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