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How Western Herbal Medicine Can Help You in Hong Kong

Most of us are familiar with the healing properties of plants and we have possibly all used them at some time or another like an aloe vera gel for sunburn, ginger for an upset stomach.

In Hong Kong, China and Asia especially, Traditional Chinese Medicine is common place and herbs are repeatedly used to cure conditions and maintain health.

In the west, using herbs is not as popular, we are far more likely to go to our GP and come away with antibiotics or other drugs rather than visit a herbalist.

But times are changing. More and more people are falling out of love with Big Pharma, because of their safety record and side effects, plus that they usually only subdue symptoms rather than cure the actual condition, often creating side effects along the way.

Why is Herbal Medicine Becoming More and More Popular?

They are effective, gentle and cause no side effects. They typically make the body stronger; supporting organs and systems with superior nourishment whilst dissipating symptoms. In the longer term they make the body stronger.

Why are Herbal Formulae Effective?

Herbs work synergistically ie they work better together. If you are not a herbalist, you could take a variety of herbs to try to cure your symptoms however having an understanding of which herbs are effective for the symptom and using tried and tested formulae is beneficial. Our herbal formulae support the organ or system based upon the symptoms presented and they use organic herbs and are produced by a master herbalist in the UK.

A Holistic and Naturopathic Approach

While herbs can be effective, even better is to take a total assessment of your health; diet and lifestyle in order to make life-long and lasting change. Additionally, you will learn along the way which protocols work best for you, so that in the future you can treat yourself. We use a variety of naturopathic approaches and protocols and use iridology as a diagnostic tool to ascertain your body‘s health condition, in order that it can be supported optimally.

Consultations can be short (in person/ via phone/ video call): HK$500 per 30 mins or a Full Optimal Health and Nutrition Assessment: HK$2450 for 2 hrs (including notes, tips, recipes and tools).

Herbal Formulae are HK$400 per 100 capsules (plus postage and packing, if applicable).

Ally van de Pol is a Certified Healing Diets Coach, Certified Iridology Consultant, Health Coach, Herbalist (certifying 2022) and Naturopath (certifying 2023). She consults in person in Sai Kung and globally via video call.

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