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How Important is Your Health to You?

I mean really answer the question. I think the answer is dependent to the level of health experienced currently by that individual. It could be a 10/10 if someone is suffering from ill health on a daily basis or 3/10 if someone never gets sick.

The average person doesn’t generally give it too much thought unless she feels under the weather or is really sick. Are you one of these people? Are you prepared to play Russian roulette with the long term effects of pharmaceutical drugs? Do you expect that a doctor will save you or there will be a medical treatment available if you do get sick?

Or do you take responsibility for your own health? Do you make sure that health is your number one priority, making sure your diet and lifestyle is keeping you healthy every day, to prevent the need for you to go and see a doctor to bail you out if you don’t feel great. Do you know a bunch of naturopathic and natural protocols that you can undertake if you do feel a smidge under the weather?

Which are you? Which would you like to be? How important is your health to you? I believe that we all need to be in control of our own destiny and that includes our own health.

Make the change today. Your body has an amazing knack of healing itself, given the right tools.

Ally van de Pol is a Certified Healing Diets Coach, Iridology Consultant, Herbalist and Naturopath in Training

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