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An Effective Weight Loss Program in Sai Kung

How to Lose Weight with Health & Fitness Training in Sai Kung

Nine times out of ten, prospective clients come to see me in my studio in Sai Kung to lose weight. They often have ‘sub-goals’ but mainly losing weight is their driving force behind coming to seek help from a professional like myself. Sometimes it is because they ‘know’ what they should do but are unsure how to implement the plan, or they may simply not know what to do; they may have tried many different things over the months or years, and whatever they’ve tried, it hasn’t worked. They often hike on the trails in the Sai Kung area, but that alone is not always enough to help them to lose weight.

Sometimes people think that exercising regularly is the key. Sometimes it is, but often more is needed. Often, people think that going ‘on a diet’ or reducing calories will be the answer or that eating better and more consistently will help them. Often this does help, but if there are any underlying health conditions, ignoring these can mean that weight loss may be stunted. Here are my top seven recommendations for those who want to lose weight and keep it off.

Recommendations & Tips on Weight Loss

1. Strength train- it boosts your metabolism by building muscle, while stabilising and mobilising you. It gives you a cardiovascular workout, is low impact, so good for anyone who doesn’t like or can’t walk or run. We lose muscle naturally after the age of 30, therefore it’s important to focus on adding muscle, especially as we get older. Being stronger makes people feel strong and powerful and less prone to injury and strength is something we are lacking in this modern world. As a Pain-Free Performance Coach, I’ll help you train the right way, without injury.

2. Be active; walk, swim, run, play sports- we are designed to move; whatever you like to do then do it., but stay active and do it regularly. Try and get outside if you can for a healthy dose of sunshine, to boost Vitamin D and serotonin levels.

3. Eat whole foods, mainly or only plants, reduce or eliminate processed foods. Eat lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds and pulses. Eat organic as far as possible. As a Healing Diets Coach, I can help you work out a sustainable way of eating for you for life.

4. Sleep- get the optimal amount of sleep for you- this is usually between 7-9 hrs. Be in bed asleep by 10.30pm, to gain the beneficial effects of Human Growth Hormone. Practice restful bedtime routines. Seek help if your sleep is broken.

5. Rest- spend time doing activities that are restful- ideally away from screens- think creative ‘hobbies’, reading, time with friends or family etc

6. Limit stress. Life is stressful -if we make it that way. Establish boundaries, schedule your life so that you are not ‘always at work’. Practice habits such as deep breathing that put you back into a restful state.

7. Focus on positive emotions and thoughts; don’t hang onto negative emotions, don’t ‘stuff them down’. Create a hug list that you can choose from to get you out of a funk quickly. Our thoughts affect us, our frequency and everyone around us.

Losing weight is often more than just balancing calories in and calories out, especially in this stressful modern world. However, managing your life to build in the above will help to provide balance to your life and offer you all-round health, plus of course the ability to lose weight and keep it off. Our HNF program can really help to build a great foundation on all the above levels.

Ally van de Pol is a Certified Healing Diets Coach, Certified Iridologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach (NASM()and Pain Free Performance Coach (Level 2), Senior Exercise Specialist, a Herbalist and Naturopath in Training, as well as a Health and Wellness Coach

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