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Dragon Fitness & Coaching is an Integrative 1200 sq ft Health, Wellness & Fitness Centre

in Sai Kung

When I set up up Dragon Fitness and  Coaching in 2016 in Sai Kung, I wanted to create  a full service health, fitness and wellness studio, offering truly functional pain-free strength and conditioning training plus naturopathic health and nutrition consultations, healing and coaching.

Eight years later, I have helped hundreds of people to:

-learn how to strength  train with excellent form

-get out of pain

-get leaner

-get healthier

-get fitter

-become more confident

-reverse chronic health conditions


What's more, our studio, the "Glass House" is my very own purpose built studio, featuring a fully equipped gym and consultation room.  Situated in a lush garden setting with green views, just 7 minutes drive from Sai Kung town, this huge 1200 sq ft space is light and airy - a perfect place to train and take your health and life to a whole new level.

More about Ally van de Pol 

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