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Dragon Fitness & Coaching is an Integrative 1200 sq ft Health, Wellness & Fitness Centre

in Sai Kung

Dragon Fitness and  Coaching is a health, fitness and wellness studio in Sai Kung, offering functional pain-free strength and conditioning training plus naturopathic health and nutrition consultations, healing and coaching.

Life is stressful and often out of our control.  We are, however, in charge of our lifestyle, what we eat, how much exercise we take, how much sleep and rest we have, how we think  and our own personal actions. Maintaining optimal health and remaining disease and condition free for life is everyone's desire, but most people do not know how to achieve it, or else, it is put off until 'tomorrow/ next week/ next year' because life gets in the way.

Keeping healthy should be simple, but it's not taught at school or even by our parents. Training shouldn't put you through pain; in fact it should alleviate the aches and pains of everyday modern life. We often feel so bad on a daily basis that we forget what we are physically, emotionally and intellectually capable of. Finding strength and health can help you rediscover yourself.

We practice tailor-made training and integrative health, nutrition and healing solutions, aiming to get you in the shape of your life, both inside and out, regardless of where you are today.

Dragon's "Glass House" is our very own purpose built studio, featuring a fully equipped gym and consultation room.  Situated in a lush garden setting with green views, just 7 minutes drive from Sai Kung town, this huge 1200 sq ft space is light and airy - a perfect place to train and take your health to a whole new level.

More about our Head Coach 

Meet our Dragon Mascot

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