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Many people come to health coaching with the desire to lose weight or manage chronic health conditions as their motivating factor. They know that they need to eat better and change their lifestyle. Often, they feel under par, have aches and pains and are lacking in energy in addition. 


A thorough investigation into an individual’s health and diet often reveals that the symptom of gaining weight is the tip of the iceberg. Other symptoms are usually present, often ignored or not recognised. These are often high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, skin issues and mental and emotional health issues, amongst others.

We use a comprehensive health questionnaire, iridology analysis and discussions to set goals and put a practical plan in place. Clients usually lose weight, feel better, have more energy, sleep better and have a reduction (or disappearance) of other health symptoms and conditions.

Iridology is the practice, study and art of analysing the iris. Each eye is connected to our brain which is then attached to each tissue, organ and system in the body by our neural network. Tissue changes are reflected reflexively in the iris structure, just as in reflexology for the feet.


It cannot diagnose diseases per se, but it can show tissue weaknesses and strengths which can then indicate diseases for further investigation. It is especially useful to discover the root cause of a particular condition and can show how  well systems are working together. It can also  show differences in the function in lobes or sides of the body ie with the thyroid, lungs, kidney etc. 


Iridology also teaches knowledge of the body's functions, organs and systems and ways to improve health naturally and naturopathically. 

Correct diet, lifestyle, naturopathic protocols and herbs can give your body the opportunity to heal itself.​ This is lifestyle medicine.

Ally is a SNM Certified Healing Diets Coach, SNM Certified Iridologist plus a Health and Wellness Coach. She will complete her Herbalist and Naturopath studies in 2022 and 2023 respectively. She can consult in person in Sai Kung or via Skype, Whatsapp video, Google Meet, Zoom, Signal  or Facetime.



Initial health and nutrition consultation: HK$1850: 2 hours (includes emailed notes and tools). Add HK$600 to include Iridology full analysis- Total  HK$2450


Follow up health and nutrition consultation: HK$1000 1 hour (includes emailed notes and tools)


Other packages available, upon consultation.

12-Week Health, Nutrition & Fitness package - click here for more information.

Payment is via bank transfer or Paypal (additional 4%charge for HK or 4.5% for overseas for Paypal payments).

We also run consultations for schools, restaurants and organisations on how to eat better and live more healthily and sustainably. Click here for more information.

Healthy Meal



"I am delighted to be sleeping well after years of insomnia, am enjoying cooking even more than ever, have lost more weight than I thought I had it in me....."

Healthy Salad



"Ally is very professional and passionate about the service she delivers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to get their health back on track."



Enter the Dragon!!.... Ally is just the right amount of fiery fierceness and measured motivation that I needed .... I'll lead a longer, healthier and happier life



[Ally] advised me which foods I should be eating ...One month in and this change in eating has been a real eye-opener.  I finally feel like I am taking control of the mothership