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"I had known for quite some time that I needed to lose weight and focus on improving my overall health and fitness. However, I felt very self conscious and lacked the confidence to go to group classes or bootcamps with my friends, worrying that I wouldn't be able to keep up at all.


As a result I decided to try personal training with Ally and after the initial consultation felt reassured that this was something that could be achievable for me, yet was left in no doubt that I would be challenged and pushed well out of my comfort zone in regards to exercise as well as nutrition and consideration of my overall health!


Having previously been known for my use of the phrase "no meat, no meal" I was sceptical about a largely plant based diet but as a keen cook have actually thoroughly enjoyed the creativity involved in coming up with tasty meals to provide balanced nutrition and have appreciated Ally's support in helping to plan and understand this.


Although tough, I look forward to the strength training sessions and am appreciative of Ally pointing out progress to help with development of confidence, and the sense of humour that comes along too! I understand that improving my health and fitness is an ongoing project but I am delighted to be sleeping well after years of insomnia, am enjoying cooking even more than ever, have lost more weight than I thought I had it in me to and love that I can now start to keep up more with friends when hiking and taking part in other active pursuits."


Thanks Ally for your support!​"

Beth, 37 (October 2020)

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