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"I  have been experiencing a number of health issues recently and put on 2 stone over the last 12 months. To cut a long story short I was feeling very unwell, both physically and emotionally, and wasn’t sure what to do next..


Ally initially helped me by directing me to see a functional doctor and encouraging me to get tests done including food sensitivities tests . She also suggested I move to a whole food plant based lifestyle when I found out the myriad of foods I was sensitive too! She advised me which  foods I should be eating and other handy hints. One month in and this change in eating has been a real eye-opener. I finally feel like I am taking control of the mothership. I’m more physically active now as I have more energy, I am sleeping better; I wake up fresh from uninterrupted sleep- I had menopausal symptoms before and my sleep patterns had changed but in the last four weeks I feel more settled. 


I have lost 11 lbs (5kg) in 4 weeks- this is an amazing result as losing weight was not my primary aim- I just wanted to feel better, which I do-I have lots more energy and feel cleaner. Eating plant based whole foods makes me feel nourished and fuller with no calorie counting, no food grouping, no diet, just satisfying food! 


Health wise- my cholesterol has decreased from 7.6 to 6.3, which I am delighted with. I hope to lower a further 1.0 to put me into the healthy zone. Plant based food has, I feel, contributed to this improvement. I can’t wait to get other stats checked later this year. 


A huge thank you!

Emma Lloyd (November 2017)

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