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The Eyes Have It......

Eyes are beautiful aren't they? Not only are they beautiful and the windows to your soul, they can also be a window to the health of your body.

Iridology is the practice, science and art of studying the iris of the eye, including the iris filaments, patterns and colours – to determine information about a patient's health as a whole. To make these observations, trained professionals called iridologists use iris charts to refer to. These charts divides the iris into zones that represent all the parts of the human body (similar to reflexology) and give information about a patient's systemic health through the body’s tissue condition.

Information that can be gleaned:

  • Health condition of individual organs, tissues and systems

  • Inherited weaknesses and strengths

  • Personality types

  • Mental health and emotional health; how individuals process and absorb info and emotions

  • Overall bodily System health

Can it diagnose specific conditions? No, but it does show the condition and the health of the tissue or organ for further investigation or as a basis for healing . The advantages over certain medical tests are that it can detect insufficiency in a specific side of the body ie left kidney or righht thyroid lobe. The overall test might be ‘normal' (whatever normal is as the ‘normal’ range is against a generally unhealthy population cohort) but in fact one lobe of the thyroid might be underactive and one overactive which could give a ‘normal’ result.

How do your irises show the health of your body?

Your eyes are connected to your brain via a neural network, which in turn is connected to every organ and system in your body .

What can it help you with?

This practice can help to understand the root cause of any condition or issue you are experiencing. Along with taking a medical history and consultation, iridology can help to build in missing pieces of the puzzle. An iridologist also has in depth knowledge of how organs and systems work together and can plan a treatment protocol to help your body to heal, based on nutrition, lifestyle, herbs and naturopathic protocol. Iridologists often have other holistic health qualifications.

Additionally, your irises will reflect the healing that is taking place in your body, so over time, the healing that is taking place in your body is also reflected in your iris.

Emotionally and psychologically it can show how you handle and process thoughts and emotions and can show the root cause of where these issues might stem from.

The pupil size and shape also indicate emotional and neural states. Blood vessels and other signs present on the sclera ( white of the eyes) can indicate and often 'point' to the organs or systems that may need attention.

I use iridology as a tool in my optimal health and nutrition consultations. This knowledge helps to give a real insight to the health of the individual and the healing protocol that is needed.

Ally van de Pol is a Certified Healing Diets Coach, Certified Iridologist and Naturopath (graduating 2023).

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