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So in my last blog, I told you that my results came back with altered thyroid function, from a couple of hormone tests. Well, on top of that, further results came back, which indicated that I had Hashimoto’s disease; an autoimmune condition. Apparently a good proportion of hypothyroidism cases are caused by Hashimoto’s and most of those sufferers are women.

My naturopathic doctor at Biorna Quantics is helping me find the root cause, which could just be caused by the heavy metals that were found, so I’m taking supplements to detox them out, plus selenium, iodine and a few other supplements. My diet may be affecting it or we could need further investigation into my GI tract. The condition may ultimately go into remission or I may always have to control it. It’s difficult to say right now, however the good news is that it’s manageable and my symptoms are and were a lot better than other people report.

I’ve been taking the prescribed supplements and completing a diary every day with my body temp when I wake up, energy and mood and any other symptoms. These last few days I’ve been feeling a hell of a lot better. Before, there were times when I just felt, god awful, hit the wall, I need to lie down tired, but touch wood, these episodes are becoming less and less. Now I can get to the evening and not feel like I’m coming down with the flu.

I’m also experimenting with staying off gluten. I noticed a skin rash appear sporadically on my face, which I think is connected to possibly gluten or lactose. My skin has been better this week (although I’m still not 100% sure why) and finding a couple of gluten free beers has helped!

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