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You’ve just come back from holiday and you’re still feeling chilled, maybe a little jetlagged and possibly a little podgier. You might have the post holiday blues but let’s add a different spin.

Let’s start with the positive- what did you learn while you were away? That you liked your husband again? That your children didn’t annoy you so much when you had patience and time on your hands? Maybe you realised you really like your own company?

I know that I had chance to reflect while I was away and I have an idea of how I want to change my life. For me that’s working a little less and reading more! To smell the roses a little more, to cherish each day. How about you? How can you bring the calmness of downtime you have on holiday into your everyday life so that you are not always feeling totally stressed out? Ideas include meditation, deep breathing, just being still for one minute between tasks, or allocating ‘me’ time. These can all help.

Now onto the physical side of things. Typically people put on a few kgs when they are on holiday and come back resenting or kicking themselves, feeling like their hard work  all year trying to get in shape has just been kicked to the kerb. My first question is did you have a plan? If so- did you stick to it? If not why not? Did you have a good time? Any regrets? What can you take forward into your next holiday? What exercise did you do? Did you want to do nothing? Did you walk a lot?

Vacations are about indulging a little, giving yourself treats, be it food, lie ins, long walks, massages or doing absolutely nothing. You’re never (unless you’re on a fitness holiday) going to make any great strides with training or fitness while you’re on holiday so it’s usually about keeping the wolf from the door or maintaining your fitness that you have worked so hard all year to gain. If you had a great time and you come back a little heavier and a little less fit, fear not. If the enjoyment of the treats doesn’t seem worth it now, then this is a lesson for the next time you go away. Most of all go easy on yourself.

Now can be a very good time to take stock of where you are at with your health, fitness and diet. What changes would you like to make – do you want to lose weight, address a health   or lifestyle niggle you’re having? Change your job? Move?

Sometimes all you need to do to shift those kilos is to just get back into your ‘normal’ habits of eating well (read eating lots of fruit and veggies) and committing to regular exercise, however if this wasn’t part of your routine before or you’re not sure what this should look like then you may need the help of  a professional.

Whatever you do, don’t despair. Make a plan for the change you want to make, be consistent and find somebody to be accountable to. And start planning your next holiday. That should definitely make you feel better!

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