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What’s the Difference?

Well think of it like this. Exhibit A-Let’s call her Joan. She likes to go to her local bootcamp or gym for a run on the treadmill a couple of times per week and likes to hike into the hills whenever she has spare time. She might squeeze a swim and a yoga session in there too, if she’s lucky.  She is careful not to eat too much as she doesn’t want to waste her efforts and wants to stay slim or lose a few pounds (which she almost never manages to do).

Then take Exhibit B. Let’s call her Paula. She strategically plans out her training sessions, so she knows when her rest days will be and diarises each session, so that (almost) nothing gets in the way. She might work out with a trainer once or twice per week who designs her programme around her specific goals, or she might train alone or with friends, again with specific goals in mind. Her goals could be similar to Joan’s, but Paula’s plan is to build muscle, in order to boost her metabolism and sculpt her body, plus she might want to get better at her chosen sport or activity or just lift more weight, or getting that first pull up.   She is also mindful to give her body the nutrition she needs, to fuel her training and her goals.

(Joan could be John here by the way and Paula could be Paul- nothing sexist on my watch!)

Which one sounds like it might get more results or even be more rewarding? You decide.

About The Author

Ally van de Pol is Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dragon Fitness & Coaching;  Sai Kung’s premier fitness facility that takes a holistic approach to fitness and health. She believes that looking after your health is multi-faceted and she never stops learning.

Contact her at

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