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It’s all so confusing out there with a million different diets promising nirvana on a plate. Here are my four top tips to improving your metabolism, fat burning potential and health.

  1. Eat more veggies, ideally the green ones. Try and get them in at every meal

  2. Re-think your breakfast; scientific research says that the best brekkie is high fat/ high protein. Ditch the toast and processed cereals- your body will thank you.

  3. Ditch the sugar. Just stop now. Sugar raises insulin levels and fat cannot be burnt in the presence of insulin. Also constantly increased insulin can be a pre-cursor to diabetes type two and the fun and games of metabolic syndrome. Use stevia or xylitol if you need a sweet kick or choose dates or fruit to sweeten baked items naturally.

  4. Eat more; surround yourself with healthy snacks- have a stash in the fridge at home and at work and eat them mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You might even feel the need to have another lunch around 3 or 4pm. Do it- it’s a long time to go from lunch until dinner, running on empty.

  5. Treat yourself; life is not all about being strict, treat yourself occasionally- plan it in, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty whatever it may be; French bread, chocolate, pizza, ice cream, wine….and then get back on track!

Shout me if you want more help or advice to sorting out your nutrition…for good!

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