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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I did it for a number of years; I over-trained while not eating as well as I could and definitely drinking too much on occasion.  I trained six days per week, either running, or in the gym or at bootcamps, sometimes two sessions per day. Did my body reflect this amount of effort? No it didn’t and was a bone of contention and hugely frustrating.

These were my faults:

Training too much and not allowing myself sufficient rest. I figured that I’d put on weight if I didn’t keep on keeping on.

Drinking Too much Alcohol

Alcohol has a catabolic (muscle wasting effect), releases cortisol and is empty calories plus don’t forget the hangover munchies, plus causing inflammation. This had the effect of reducing/ negating any gains I’d made during the two steps forward, two steps back…

Not Eating to Maximise my Gains

Not making sure that after a workout I was eating a protein/ carb meal, maximising my nutrients and my supplements to ensure muscle growth and repair. Also limiting my carbs, I found, caused me to lose muscle.

What I Do Now That’s Different

  • Eat a better breakfast; high fat, high protein

  • Eat more- I eat usually eat two lunches or one larhge snack as well mid afternoon

  • Eat more carbs- usually about two portions per day

  • Am prepared- have easy to go to food in the fridge; when I worked in an office I used to keep chicken breasts, boiled eggs, hummus, nuts, carrot sticks, peanut butter in the fridge at work for whenever the munches would strike

  • Train less- about 3-4 times per week now

  • -I know now that food is for nutrition and losing or maintaining weight. Training is for building muscle and making training gains

  • More consistency in my diet; it’s not perfect but it’s a lot more consistent than it used to be

  • Drink less alcohol; seriously I’m a lightweight these days. I still drink the odd beer, wine or G&T but rarely have ‘big’ nights

  • I still treat myself; I’m a fan of French stick and Lindt with mint!

  • I like myself better. I know I’m not perfect but that’s ok!

  • I take more supplements. I understand the limitations of the typical diet and I think about long term health.


How This Can Help You?

Because I’ve been there and got the t-shirt, I can help you get into a pattern of eating that will maximise your health and your body composition, so you can stop feeling like you are pushing water up hill.

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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2021

Great read thannks

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