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It can be difficult to get back into a fitness or ‘health’ groove after you’ve had a break. Here are a few tips on how best to do it.

Just do it as Nike says- don’t procrastinate too much, don’t worry it’s going to hurt (it might do a smidge but you’ll feel so much better after it), just go for a run, attend that bootcamp or eat that healthy meal. Nobody ever regretted exercising or eating well.

Get Into Good Habits. Plan out your exercise and your meals so that healthy habits outweigh the bad. Have processed food leftover in the house after visitors have come to stay? Get rid of it or donate it. Schedule your workouts in your diary- a partner always helps to keep you on track and plan out your meals and schedule food prep time.

Health is Key. You might want to lose a few pounds after lounging on a beach  and over-indulging for a couple of weeks- but always prioritise health over aesthetics. This could include making healthy meal choices rather than just low calorie ones and actively seeking nutritious food rather than meal skipping. A healthy body will usually be fairly lean and lifelong health should be everyone’s goal rather than a six pack.

Learn How to Eat Well. Banging in as many nutrients into your body on a daily basis is going to be your saving grace for years to come. Eat as many whole plant based foods as possible, regardless of whether you eat meat or not. If you do eat meat, try and eat it less frequently and ensure that it’s organic where possible. If you eat beef and lamb- try to get organic grass fed, chicken and eggs- make sure they are free range and organic; fish-eat locally and from a sustainable species. So overall, choose quality over quantity. Reduce processed food (anything out of a packet), sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

Don’t Take a Holiday From Yourself. I’ve been there before; I’m on holiday therefore I’m going to eat this and spoil myself with that and honestly I think we all need to do this and treat ourselves sometimes, but eat your treats sparingly, and enjoy them rather than beating yourself up afterwards.

We so often want to find gratification from the things that go in our mouths; it’s much better to seek other treats that don’t fit that mould- do things you wouldn’t usually do; spoil your other four senses instead of just your sense of taste; get a massage, experience new things. Your body is the only one you have and goes everywhere with you, so getting out of the, ‘I’m on holiday therefore I will eat xxxx’, ‘It’s Friday therefore I will drink xxx’ mindset will see you in good stead. The best way to lifelong health without yo-yoing and resetting is to just be consistent. Commit to a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are or wherever you go.

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