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How To Look After Your Health, Naturally

Updated: May 22

Keeping ourselves healthy naturally is something that most people strive for, but what does that mean exactly and how do we do it?


Firstly let's consider ‘acute’ health conditions vs a ‘chronic’ health condition?


Acute health conditions are short-lived like colds, flu, sore throats, chest infections etc etc. ‘Acute’ just means a health condition or symptoms that doesn’t need ongoing care or management. Often these conditions are thought to be brought about by an invasion of viruses or bacteria and frequently are managed by a visit to the doc and subsequent antibiotics and antiviral drugs, plus painkilling medications (often NSAIDS like paracetomol, ibruprofen etc).

Follow this link here, for some natural treatments:

On the other hand, ‘Chronic’ health condition examples are:



-High blood pressure

-Cardiovascular disease (inc heart issues like myocarditis, pericarditis, congestive heart failure etc)

-Chronic lung conditions like COPD,

-Hormonal issues like PCOS, menstrual cramping, PMS etc

 -Skin conditions like Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema

-Digestive complaints like IBS/ IBD, Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Ulcers, Reflux etc

-Mental health concerns could also be classed as ‘chronic’.

-Liver and Gallbladder issues like hepatitis, cirrhosis, GB stones

-Kidney issues like kidney failure, kidney stones, cystitis (if it repeats), repetitive urinary infections




These conditions are often ‘just lived with’ but sometimes managed with drugs and other interventions, every day or sometimes more agressively. Why do people get chronic health conditions? Sometimes it is thought that these symptoms are inherited, we are just ‘unlucky’, again could be the result of an ongoing infection, but sometimes we know that these symptoms are lifestyle related.


How Do We Take a Natural Approach to Our Health?


Let’s look at what acute health conditions really are. Most, if not all, are the body’s way of healing, of getting rid of toxins and ‘rubbish’ that it cannot deal with on a regular daily basis. These toxins have built up (see below regarding the causes) and the body needs us to slow down and force out the offenders. Getting a fever increases blood flow to the relevant parts, while making us feel ‘under the weather’ so that (hopefully) we slow down, sleep and rest more, and take time off so that the body can do the best job of getting rid of all the toxins. Sneezing and coughing helps to push out the the toxins as well. Often we may perspire more (especially with a  fever) and toxins are expelled via the skin. We may also be physically sick and vomit or get diarrhea. All of these methods are the body’s way of cleaning out our system.


What would we usually do when this happens? As mentioned above, we’d take ourselves off to the doctor who would give us some antibiotics or other drugs. Why do we think this has happened? The doctor will likley tell us it's because we’ve been ‘invaded’ by bacteria or viruses. But is that really the case? We have 37 trillion bacteria cells vs 30 trillion human cells, so we are in fact more bacteria than human...... If you look back at your last cold, flu or sore throat, what happened before it? Were you getting enough sleep? Eating lots of sugar and white flour? Drinking too much alcohol? Were you taking exercise? Were you stressed and battling and holding onto negative emotions? A mixture of all of this?


Sure bacteria are likely to be involved to break down the offending toxins to make them easier for the body to expel them, but that’s like blaming firemen for the fire. Just because they are present doesn’t mean they are to blame.


If we then take antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drug to suppress the body’s ‘cleaning up job’ aka cold, sore throat etc, it will likely suppress the symptoms and stop the body getting rid of its rubbish. Chances are we will feel better, so we think we are healed and getting better, when in fact all we have done is halted the cleansing process and pushed the toxins deeper into the body.


Remember, our bodies are ridiculously clever and for centuries we did not need a man in a white coat. We got away with taking rest, taking herbs and using other natural protocols.

It's Chronic!


Let’s get onto the subject of chronic health conditions. Where do these come from?


Our modern lives are full of unnatural elements that pollute our bodies. Over time, these can have a number of effects, often resulting in chronic health conditions and making us feel tired and fatigued, with aches and pains at the very least.


Here is what we battle daily:


-Water tainted with chemicals (heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, plastics, pharmaceuticals etc)

-Food tainted with chemicals (glyphosate the world’s most famous weed killer is a known carcinogen for example)

-Pharmaceutical drugs (see above re acute conditions). Their use builds up in the body over time

-Vaccines- all contain heavy metals, human fetal or bovine serum, and a number of different chemicals and even food stuff

-Negative emotions and stress- these have  a physical effect in the body. The body sometimes holds onto emotions and this acidifies and restructures the body. It also has a detrimental effect on our mental health

-Lack of sleep- this is our prime detoxification route- most of us are sleep deprived

-Lack of rest- the space to just ‘be’

-Lack of exercise- lives dominated by work are not healthy

-Lack of sunlight, sunshine and fresh air- people often move from one box (home) to another box (car) to another box (work)

-Lack of access to nature- sometimes our lives are just too busy

-Lack of meaningful friendships and communities- these play an important role on our physical, mental and emotional health

-Economical struggles is a stressor (see above)

-Air pollution (from traffic, factories or whatever has been sprayed in the air to modify weather)


Is it any wonder that most of us are struggling with our health?


It is a labyrinth to manouevre but we can all be healthier. It just takes a little know how, a little time and the willingness to learn and to implement.


Ultimately drugs are just a sticky plaster for many health conditions. Sometimes we need to suppress our body’s healing reactions, but mostly we need to help our bodies do their ‘thing’ and not put the toxins into our bodies in the first place.


There are many ways to help the body get healthier (I’m sure you can get ideas just from this blog), however sometimes other natural interventions are needed. My favourites are Chlorine Dioxide, DMSO and herbs, as well as a number of other natural protocols.


If you’d like help to learn more or rectify health conditions, overall becoming healthier for life, then please drop me  a line. I take  a bespoke approach to my clients (as everybody is different), but I can wholeheartedly say, I can help you feel better  and healthier and help you achieve your goals. Schedule in your FREE Strategy Consultation to see how we can best work together!

Ally van de Pol is a Naturopathic Practitioner and Strength and Conditioning Coach

Healing Diets Coach NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Iridology Consultant Pain Free Performance Specialist Coach Herbalist (Graduating 2024) Senior Fitness Specialist

Naturopath (Graduating 2024) Core Training Specialist

Holistic Health Coach EFR: First Aid & CPR Trained

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