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Groundhog Day

This whole Covid saga just keeps dragging on and on and like everybody else I want out. However, be careful of what you’re prepared to do to get back to normality. Regardless of where you stand on everything related to this virus, here are a few points that are undebatable.


Whether you believe the PCR tests are valid tests or not, one important question is why healthy people are being tested for a disease? The test was never designed for this purpose. Surely if people are sick, then they know they are sick? Why are we looking for things that aren’t there? This leads onto asymptomic virus transmission which is the reason behind the healthy people testing. This has never been proven. Possibly asymptomic transfer could occur in incubation periods but symptoms, like coughs and sneezes etc are how viruses transfer to others on the whole. Without these, transmission is unlikely.


There are many discussions surrounding vaccines, and there are many ways to address, cure and prevent diseases. Overall, the constant propaganda pushing vaccines as the only way to ‘fight the virus’ is just false. Making people feel like they need a risky medical intervention to get out of lockdown is coercion. Most people are not suitably informed about the risks of vaccines in general or indeed these new ‘emergency use’ vaccines before inoculation. Indeed these vaccines have been rushed to market and use new tech and the long term health effects are simply unknown. We are told they are safe, but no vaccine is completely safe. Vaccines should be administered when the benefit outweighs the risk as all pharmaceuticals carry risk and side effects. Silencing the adverse effects and deaths shortly after vaccination is immoral. If people wish to get this vaccine, then they should be able to, however being bombarded on all sides by the media, the government and from the community and friends about the need to be vaccinated (to do our bit!) is not only false but manipulation. There are many treatments available for Covid, vaccines are just one.

Vaccine Passports

Passports restricting our movements are undermining our fundamental human rights. This is the thin end of the wedge and will further separate society. How often will you need to be vaccinated to ensure this passport is valid?

The Covid Deaths

There has been much talk of whether people actually died of Covid or another condition and that doctors have been asked to put Covid on all death certs etc. Falsifying and skewing death data just heightens fear, if this has indeed happened. The fact remains that most people who die from Covid have comorbidities (ie other health conditions), which indicates that it’s the comorbidities that make them susceptible to the disease and to not being able to fight off the virus ie their immune system is compromised. Therefore, shouldn’t the focus to be to develop the population’s immunity naturally and eliminate these chronic health condition, so that we don’t succumb to covid?


Lockdowns don’t work. Well they do while people are locked down; less contact with people equals less transfer of viruses. However we can’t stay in and hide from a virus forever, we have to get back to normality at some point and viruses don’t just disappear. The less we expose ourselves and stay in our ‘sterilised world’ the less optimally our immune system will be. The other effects from lockdown; job losses, businesses folding, lack of social contact, mental health issues and suicides resulting from all of these things are probably worse and more far reaching than covid etc. Not to mention division of society. Right now there is so much hate. People snarling at their neighbours for going out or not wearing a mask, or working, or just trying to live.

Unbalanced media

We have received most of our information about Covid, from newspapers, TV and social media. Most journalists have a very one-sided approach, there isn’t much balanced viewpoint reporting. ‘Rumours’ and ‘theories’ are circulating on social media about many aspects of the whole Covid scenario. Now, a few journalists and other professionals are starting to speak out and this is welcome and refreshing. Everything right now should be questioned and investigated.


Masks have always been a ‘thing’ in Asia. There have been mixed messages about the efficacy of mask wearing and while they create a barrier (useful I think if someone is sneezing standing next to you), they can also create harm (bacteria transmission from repeat wearing of masks, removing and reapplying mask, breathing in your own carbon dioxide, hypoxia, not being able to read people’s emotions and recognise people etc).


Viruses and bacteria are everywhere but they can only live in diseased or dead tissue. Research germ vs terrain theory. Instead of running and hiding from microbes, we need to develop our own immunity, naturally.

In my opinion as a health professional a far more holistic approach to this situation is needed, focusing on the population’s overall health (physical, mental and emotional) rather than just trying to fight a virus, as if in warfare, through vaccines, lockdowns and masks.

Ally van de Pol is a Certified Healing Diets Coach and a Naturopath-in-Training

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