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What Are Your Plans for 2022?

At this celebratory point at the end of another very difficult year, it’s important, I think, to take an ‘eagle’s perch’ view on our lives and everything that is going on today. As with everything I do, I want to take a true holistic approach.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Why? Because Earth is where we learn lessons, where we grow and enjoy life and it’s a lot easier to do this when we have a body in which to relate and interact with people.

But with this comes responsibility. We all need to learn how to look after our bodies and in turn our mind and only then can we understand our true spiritual path and reason for being here. We cannot achieve anything worthwhile if we are unhealthy or unhappy. Discernment is important. For many years, the powers that be have wanted to keep us sick, controlled, subdued and in pain; every day we battle to keep ourselves healthy. We can either keep ourselves subdued, in pain and unhappy by eating sub-optimally with chemically laden food, incorporating stress into our lives at every turn and adding more chemicals and toxins through water, air and even the mainstream media. Or we can select the foods that will make us truly healthy and keep these wonderful bodies of ours nourished, we can choose to occupy our bodies and minds with activities that engage them, help them grow, keep them healthy or we can stagnate and get brainwashed in front of Netflix or the nightly news that keeps us in fear.

We can choose our life’s passion to occupy us and make money from or we can spin in our hamster wheels, becoming more and more unhappy and stressed and sick in a job we hate just so that we can gain material benefit. But whenever will enough be enough?

2022 is your year to decide. To change everything. To change a few things. To re-engage with nature, to disengage with toxic behaviours, to learn how to be truly healthy and happy, for life, rather than a six week fix. It's up to you. You are the

architect of your life. What do you really want out of life? How far have you come so far and where do you want to go? What will you devote your energy to in this coming year?

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