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“I had been on the slippery slope of getting out of shape for years; I could blame having kids, work etc and whilst this may account in part for reduced time to exercise, it definitely didn’t account for the poor habits formed and too many excuses.  Roll on January 2016 and with the scales past the 90kg mark it was time to take control.  I looked into a number of options Kenzai, Body Coach etc and whilst these programs looked good I had concerns about the sustainability post the 90 days and more importantly the lack of personal interface to complete / achieve my aims.  Enter Ally.


Ally brings a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, exercise but more importantly Ally lives in the real world and appreciates that for any sustainable success to work , I needed to change a few key habits.  She assessed not only my diet but my lifestyle and worked out an approach which would get results and then supported at each stage.  The three keys areas were:

  1. Food – carbs after exercise.  This provided a simple way of me either reducing carbs or increasing exercise.  Win win.

  2. Weights – Ally provided personal training once a week to teach me the importance of weights, technique and pushed me hard to build strength.

  3. Responsiveness – Ally was on Whatsapp or google sheets (for the food, activity & sleep diary) all the time to help guide, answer queries or give me an honest assessment of when I was taking advantage of ‘cheat meals’ or our agreed ‘drinking limits’. 

Ally’s style is very down to earth and she takes a genuine interest in you as a person not just a client.  The results to date (3 mths in) are 10% lighter but more important than weight I am stronger and leaner.  Thanks Ally!

Tom Champion (April 2016)

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