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Healthy Meal


"I first met Ally back in 2022 when I felt I was at my lowest of lows both emotionally and physically. I was looking for a more stable fitness routine closer to home and without all the bells and whistles of a public gym who are more focused on clocking in the hour and sending you on your way. I searched high and low and was intrigued by Ally's array of credentials from Strength Training to Health and Wellness Coach. I continue to be taken aback by what I have gained thus far which is far beyond what I could have ever imagined and now I can't imagine my life without Ally! 


I still remember during our first session we spoke for almost 2 hours, touching upon fitness routines, eating habits, personal challenges and what I hope to get out of our sessions together. I skimmed the surface with a run of the mill response, I want to lose weight. Ally quickly reminded me most clients think that's the reason but it rarely ever is. She was absolutely right. Aside from regular strength training sessions we also had in depth discussions about health and wellness. Ally has a wealth of knowledge to share from more natural remedies to diet recommendations to better suit my daily routine. It's become a regular conversation and she's constantly adding to her arsenal of recommendations! 


More than a year into it, I feel stronger both mentally and physically. I have taken on board Ally's wellness and diet recommendations and continue to explore new dietary approaches to a more healthy living routine. What once was the lowest of lows is now well on it's way of becoming the highest of highs and I truly have Ally to thank for. I always look forward to our sessions which are a mixture of challenging, fun and sometimes an amazing good laugh but Ally always makes sure there's something new to be learned. I leave each time feeling more confident, stronger, and invigorated. All I can say is THANK YOU ALLY! "

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