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“I started PT sessions with Ally in September ’16, because I was convinced that I was so out of shape that I’d never manage a boot camp style group class. I now do a PT session on a weekly basis and then join a couple of the group early morning sessions.   My general fitness has improved significantly,I could barely manage one burpee before and now I can knock-out 20… although I still don’t like them!  I’ve also gained an appreciation of weight training. I like that Ally mixes it up, I’m not clock watching during the session thinking that it’s a routine.I love that she’s flexible and can scale exercises as needed. She also keeps me going when I’m flagging.”  

Nicola, Personal & Group Training (March 2017)

“I've only recently started training with Ally.  I am utilising her PT and nutrition services to primarily lose weight and get fitter.  I find her approach is exactly what I need in that she's fair, she understands my needs and constraints and is always at the end of a text or phone when I need her advice.  She has created a really great gym programme and knows my limits, but pushes me just that little bit more than I would training alone, which is exactly what I need.  She's fun and friendly but nicely firm when needed and has great nutritional knowledge.  I've learnt so much already about this amazing human body in such a short space of time."

Pippa Perilleux, Personal Training (March 2017)


“I’ve been training with Ally for 10 months or so, attending group training sessions at 5:45am three days a week.  I’ve gained a love for working out and a desire to better my physical self!  It’s rigorous yet fun; Allyson has a great attitude, and a sense of humour!  I really like the small group sessions (3 to 6 people) allowing  personal training session attention!  It’s a good group of people to work out with and compatible for all levels of fitness.”

Mike Ruby, Group Training (March 2017)


“Hi, my name is Regina and I've been coming to Ally's group session for the past two months. I've always known about the anatomy of muscles from text books but since attending Ally's classes.... "I've come to know each and every muscle up close and personal".  Seriously though, the classes are very rewarding.”

Regina, Group Training (March 2017)


“I’ve been training with Ally since July 2016, firstly I group training classes and more latterly with personal training sessions too. I am stronger overall, with increased strength and muscle tone. I like the toughness of the training and that each session is different.”

Maria Swindon, Personal & Group Training (March 2017)


"About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia (a precursor to osteoporosis) due to a thyroid disorder inhibiting calcium absorption. I wanted to get back into strength training to help build bone density. My last scan showed a significant increase. The training with Ally is different every time, so it never gets boring and no chance of plateauing. It's been great."

Carmel Hutchison, Personal Training (July 2018)


Don't take our word for it..... here's what our clients say

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