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Healthy Meal


“Ally has helped me in so many ways that have impacted my lifestyle, health and overall well being over the past few years. 

I initially went to see Ally with regard to my diet and journey through the menopause. Ally has a real holistic approach, looking at nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental health,  stress and lifestyle which I like. 

Ally has been great in encouraging me to set goals and make steps towards them. She has helped me transition towards a plant based diet which is now second nature to me. She has advised me on nutritional goals, given advice on recipes shown  me how to do a juice cleanse to name but a few. This has helped me lose weight and keep it off. overall. Ally has also   encouraged me to have certain health screening, especially as it was looking like I had hashimotos.  She has discussed with me on the range of supplements that I take, what to avoid and what to get from good food. 

I have reduced my alcohol intake and now use it more for occasional celebrations. One of my biggest hurdles has been my sleep pattern. This is still ongoing and Ally helps by making suggestions and has introduced me to natural supplements. Ally has always been very supportive throughout my fitness sessions. When I have had injuries she has adapted the workout to my  needs. Ally has a down to earth nature which I like. She is always on hand to answer any questions. Thanks to Ally I am stronger and healthier now than in my youth. !! “

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