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Marco came to me mid-April wanting to get a bit of himself back; he'd just decided to stop drinking and he wanted to lose some weight (14 kgs was his goal), optimise his health and feel great, for his BIG birthday next month. As an ex rugby player and triathlete, I knew that his body would 'bounce back' pretty well, but I wanted to put a plan into place for life not just for the next six months. His concern was that he wanted to train safely; he'd been having knee, lower back and shoulder pain and didn't want to exacerbate it in pursuit of his goals. Indeed, teaching Marco to rein it in (marathon not a sprint type stuff) has been key. Roll forward 10 weeks and he's down 10 kgs, we're on course to smash his weight goal (so much so that goals are being re-thought as I type), shoulder pain doesn't exist anymore, lower back and knee pain are a rarity. We've worked on mobility and keeping his form tip top, to ensure the correct muscles are being used for each exercise. His health issues are better managed; blood tests will reveal soon the extent of how much good work he's done too. How did we do it? A real holistic approach. We started off training 3 x per week, with Marco adding in another couple of sessions (hikes or cycle rides) on top. He's drastically decreased his animal produce, increased his sleep and rest and is managing work stress better and balancing this with his family life, he also needs to go and get a new wardrobe soon! Plus he's still off the booze! 

Taken from Dragon Newsletter, July 2020

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