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Healthy Meal


I have just completed a 3-month health and nutrition programme with Ally van de Pol, and I can’t begin to express how impressed I am by Ally’s knowledge and professionalism. I am 60 years old and have struggled with weight gain for the last 20 years, but especially since dealing with a couple of major surgeries in 2015, which forced me to be off my feet for 12 weeks. As a result, in 2020 I slipped into the prediabetic range when I went for my annual physical. I began to deal with inflammation in various parts of my body, and just generally felt ‘blah’. I saw Ally’s advertisement on Facebook and decided to invest in myself, something I rarely do, but as I am a new grandmother, I felt it was time to do something different.


Ally is a master motivator…she has pushed me and encouraged me to not only exercise in a new way, but to eat in a new way. I have loved my twice weekly workouts in her fabulous gym, where she has constantly been sensitive to my physical limitations while still pushing me to achieve things I didn’t think I could. She has a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much in the 12 weeks I have been with her. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years, but the proof that things have improved has been in my lab results…I am no longer in the prediabetic range! This is a lifestyle change that I intend to stick with, and Ally has given me excellent tools to work with. I highly recommend investing in yourself and letting Ally coach you to your own path of health and fitness.


Thank you, Ally!


January, 2022

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