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Sai Kung's premier personal training & wellness studio goes online!!!

What Is Dragonnet


“A dragonnet is a regular dragon that’s smaller, so it’s like Dragon Fitness and Coaching in person, with all the fire, but Dragonnet is a little smaller in price.” 


  • Online personalised fitness training

  • Workout in your home, outside, home gym or commercial gym

  • Real time nutrition and health coaching available alongside

  • Realtime check-ins to discuss the programme

  • 3 tiers of membership depending on requirements










What Does It Include?


Your training for each day, including exercise videos, you can also include live online nutrition and health coaching with a real live person wherever you are in the world at a time to suit, you can also include check-ins with your coach, food diary analysis, menu planning, recipes, tips and tools. You can also record videos and send it back to your coach, asking questions along the way.

Click here for a full breakdown of each Dragonnet package.



Who Is It For?


Everyone who needs a training programme written for them, to give them motivation and accountability and/ or who needs help with their nutrition and health.














What Are the Benefits For Me?


The benefits of a personal trainer, certified nutritionist and trainee naturopath (qualifying 2022). Without the cost of face to face training, but still being accountable to a real live person.


You have the option of having real time contact with your coach for check-ins and nutrition and health coaching.


Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
Mother and Baby Exercising
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