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In partnership with Food as Natural Medicine  (  and Satya Dunning (, this webinar was recorded on 21st October 2023


Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO are simple, effective, natural and safe substances that everyone should have in their kitchen/ medical cabinets. While they each work a little differently, they  can work synergistically  and have the ability together  to help the body heal the vast majority of acute and chronic health conditions. Learn how they can help you and how to use in this essential webinar. 


Praise For This Webinar:


“Thank you so much- it was so informative and interesting.”


“Awesome job today”


“Thank you both for organising this webinar, so helpful and amazingly presented! “


“Thank you so much Ally amazing information and very deep research done by You !”


“Fantastic webinar! Well done!”

How Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO Can Help You Heal Naturally: Recorded Webinar

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