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So You'd Like to be Healthier, Happier & Fitter, Hey?


Good work! In today's world everyone is either a little or a lot sick. But the good news is we can all bit healthier, we just need some help and guidance. I know it's complicated as there is a lot of advice out there, and much contradicts, so where to start? With all the best of intentions, sometimes it can all get just too confusing.


This is where the 140 page "A Whole New You: Your Guide to Being All Round Healthier, Happier & Fitter" comes in. It covers the basics (and more) of what YOU need to do to get your health in order in a truly holistic and natural way; and that's your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, because EVERYTHING is connected! Written by a Naturopathic Practitioner, "A Whole New You" has twenty three chapters and includes the following topics:


-How To Feel Happier: Because This Really is What Everybody Wants, When You Get Down to It

-How to Eat Correctly for Nutrition, and Importantly Why!

-Why Drinking More Good Quality Water is Fundamental to Your Health

-Why Quality Sleep & Rest is a Cornerstone of Your Health, aka Get To Bed!

-Taking a Deep Dive into Your Elimination System and Why It's So Important to Keep Disease at Bay

-What it Really Takes to Lose Weight (And Why It's Way More Complicated that Just Calories In/ Out)

-Why You Need to Start Strength Training Today!

-Why Exercise Should Always Be Part of Your Day, No Excuses

-Stress; Let's Understand What It's Really Doing to Us

-Why Finding Your Life's Purpose is Super Important

-Alcohol; Don't Believe the Hype!

-Getting Healthier Naturally with Naturopathic Protocols

-Start Putting Together Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

-What Supplements are Worthwhile?

-How to Get Rid of Chronic Health Conditions

-Why and How to Detox

-Why Having a Squeaky Clean Gut is Crucial

-Best Ways To Diagnose Health Conditions

-Navigating the Menopause

-Let's Look After Your Emotional and Mental Health

-How to Do Self-Care Like a Boss!

-Let's Get Those Emotional Wounds and Traumas Out!

-Suggested Energy & Frequency Healing


Praise For "A Whole New You":


"If you are looking to find an excellent resource book to assist you in your healing journey, then A WHOLE NEW YOU by Ally Van de Pol is a must!


It ticks all the boxes.


  • easy to understand
  • explains the importance of a holistic approach
  • includes all aspects of good health and wellness, including energy
  • easy to follow protocols for detoxing key systems
  • safe
  • does not require a lot of time and money
  • gives her personal experience as a heath care practitioner



If you are finding yourself in a health crisis or want to start a preventative program, I recommend this book.

I’ve been in healthcare for over 30 years and finding a book which is easy to understand with practical tools can be a challenge. Ally has laid out valuable information in her latest book. Get your copy and read it today."



Ally van de Pol is a Naturopathic Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Healing Diets Coach & Iridology Consultant. She believes that everybody can be happier, healthier and fitter once they know how. This book forms the basis of much of the advice and knowledge she has imparted to her clients over the years.




A Whole New You: Your Guide to Being All Round Healthier, Happier and Fitter

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