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I started training with Ally as I am a 38 year old women going through the menopause and I was losing muscle and gaining fat, very fast. As a performance nutritionist with elite athletes I wanted to ensure I 'looked and felt the part' for my job. In terms of nutrition I do practice what I preach however due to hormonal issues with the menopause I needed a little extra help. Ally got it! 

Since starting with Ally in November 2017, I can know see the results of all the effort I have put in. Ally was very good at understanding my situation and tailored my programme to suit my needs. It has been slow progress and I have had to respect my body and not be so hard on myself along the way. Ally pushed me on days when she could see I had lots of energy and was a little more gentle on days when I was exhausted. In nine months of working with Ally I have more muscle mass, lost fat mass and I have more confidence in myself.  

I love going to Ally's sessions. She is always super positive and throws out negative talk immediately. I always come away super pumped. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

Thanks Ally :)"


Lisa, January 2020

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