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“I am generally someone who is conscious about what I eat and regularly exercise but found that I had plateaued and was not making any further progress.  I also felt bewildered by the pressure to eat better but didn’t really understand what that meant. I wanted to ensure that whatever I did it was sustainable and still able to enjoy a treat or a night out with friends without feeling guilty.


Having had a personal trainer before I knew it would help me progress but wanted someone who I knew I could trust, understood me and I could have fun with... Ally has provided that and more.  She has taken time to find out what works for me, kept me accountable for my own progress and been adaptable.  Her knowledge in the gym has pushed me into doing (and enjoying) things I wouldn’t normally choose.  


Although my progress is ongoing and visibly the change is not drastic (nor did I want it to be) my body is more toned, clothes looser and I feel more confident about approaching the summer clothes!  I have genuinely enjoyed all the food I have eaten, there has always been choice and variety unlike many other programmes.  I also feel confident that I can maintain the progress I have made.  It is not a fad but a lifestyle change which I am happy to continue with.


Genuinely thank you for the support.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and now can see a difference (despite just drinking a hot choc as I write this... hee hee!) 

Anna Champion (April 2016)

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