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Eight percent of any change you’d like to see in your body can be facilitated by improving your diet. Not only can you improve your body composition but you can also improve your health and even reverse chronic conditions, just by including more whole food plant based foods into your diet.


So many people don't  get this important aspect of their health right, but it can be such an easy fix with the right know how. One session could change your whole way of thinking and a programme of coaching could set you up for life.

If you have a chronic medical condition, want to lose weight or just feel better,  diets really can heal.

Ally advocates a whole food plant based diet, but does that mean you have to eliminate all animal products? Not always. She'll educate and inform you. Ultimately it's your choice what goes in your mouth. However, for optimal health, the vast majority of any diet should be veggies and fruit.

Ally is an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist  and  SNM Healing Diets Coach. She can consult in person or via Skype, Whatsapp video or Facetime. She can consult face to face in Sai Kung  and Central Hong Kong.

Nutrition Consultations:HK$1000 (inc notes, recipes, menu planning tools and pantry basics

Health Consultations: HK$1000 (inc notes and lifestyle management interventions)

It is recommended to have health and nutrition consultations together. Special price HK$1500: 2 hours


Six sessions of nutrition coaching: HK$4500- includes all the tools you need.  We meet every week or fortnight (according to your schedule)  for 45 minutes to keep you on track.

12-Week Health, Nutrition & Fitness package - click here for more information.

Kickstarter package: HK$500 - click here for more information

Payment is via bank transfer or Paypal (additional 4%charge for HK or 4.5% for overseas for Paypal payments).

We also run consultations for schools, restaurants and organisations on how to provide healthy, tasty, nutritious options.  Click here for more information.



Enter the Dragon!!.... Ally is just the right amount of fiery fierceness and measured motivation that I needed .... I'll lead a longer, healthier and happier life



[Ally] advised me which foods I should be eating ...One month in and this change in eating has been a real eye-opener.  I finally feel like I am taking control of the mothership

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